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The First Visit

Intake Form – Animals
Animal Intake Form – PDF (Printable) Version

Intake Form – Humans
Human Intake Form – PDF (Printable) Version

Initial Visit and New Patient Forms

In California, only a licensed chiropractor or veterinarian can legally adjust animals. Be sure to find one that is certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association or International Veterinary Chiropractic Association, as these are the gold standard in animal chiropractic education. You may contact these associations to find a certified practitioner in your area. When working with Dr. Katie, she will work closely with your veterinarian and other healthcare practitioners in order to ensure your animal receives the best care possible.

If you choose to work with your own veterinarian and a more current exam is needed, Dr. Katie can travel to you. (Your veterinarian’s standard exam fees may apply.) After this process, a chiropractic exam will be performed by Dr. Katie. If chiropractic care is deemed beneficial, you and/or your animal can receive an adjustment that day.

The Exam:

Dr. Katie will examine you and/or your animal from head to toe/hoof. She will be looking for subluxations in the spine (please see Animal Chiropractic).

The Adjustment:

If subluxation has been found, the next step is the adjustment! This is a gentle thrust that restores normal motion to the spine and other joints. Humans and animals alike typically enjoy their adjustments and are more relaxed afterward. Post-adjustment care instructions will be given, if needed.

Please have your intake paperwork completed before the first visit. This will ensure the doctor can review any pertinent health history before being seen.